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About Us

Experience an idyllic island life in a true heritage house.

A refurbished 150-year-old wooden house on its original location at Batu Yan, Teriang Bay near Pantai Kok, once a Chinese fishing village, in a living 'kampung'. The house is decorated with original artworks and nautical theme items littered throughout the house. Located far from the maddening crowd of Pantai Cenang and yet only 7 minutes from the airport.


The heritage house consists of two well-appointed and spacious bedrooms with two private semi-open-air bathrooms on the first floor and a bedroom on the ground floor. Two lofty fan-cooled living rooms, a dining area, and a well-equipped kitchen. These rooms may be booked separately or together as a private villa.


Built under a 100-year-old mango tree is the latest addition to our family. Teriang Blues Cottages are spacious ensuites and self-contained cottages. Suite 1 has a separate pantry and sitting area. Suite 2 is a studio with a patio and a breakfast area.

All guest bedrooms are equipped with air conditioners and ceiling fans. 

If you love nature and the authenticity of a real living 'kampung', this is just the place for you. You can sit quietly and observe nature. Especially during the fruiting seasons, you might just catch a glimpse of the elusive Dusky Leaf Monkeys, Giant Squirrels, Hornbills, and even the Colugo gliding through the trees. However, remember they are wild animals and we must not feed them or leave food and valuables out in the open area. 

Free 24hr high-speed wi-fi access throughout the house. A smart TV in the living hall, AC, fan, and a 99.9% filtered water system. 

Modern comfort living in a casual natural environment. 

Complimentary coffee and tea in the pantry/kitchen. Airport pick-up and breakfast can be arranged upon request.


Please note that the Red Room and the Blue Room are located on the first floor without a lift. Hence, not suitable for guests with mobility issues. However, the Wine Room and the Cottages are on the ground floor.

Booking the entire Heritage House as your private villa

A reservation has to be made for the Red Room, the Blue Room, as well as the Wine Room for the duration of your stay. The Heritage House sleeps up to 7 adults. Please email us for any special arrangements.

Teriang Blue Cottages

Cottage 1 sleeps up to 3 and Cottage 2 is a studio that is ideal for 2 adults. 

Long stay

Both the Heritage House as well as the Cottages are ideal for a long stay -  weekly or monthly. Please email us for any special arrangements.


Some simple house rules:

Strictly no smoking on the premises. No candles of open flames.


Please shut all windows and lock all doors before leaving the house. The monkeys are smarter than you think.


Also, we'd appreciate our guests to switch off all electrical devices when not in use, as we encourage all our guests to tread lightly on mother nature.

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